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                                     Welcome to
                    "Buster’s Farm"
 A story by Edwin Thompson
Lessons based upon the actions and antics of the real
 animals of Buster Farm.
                                        (for Kacy) 

Click on the files below for a free copy of the complete children's series "Buster's Farm" and "My Life Through Motorcycles."

The audio playing is of the story, "Who is Your Neighbor." You can download the complete "Buster's Farm" audio story for free at:



        Audio:  Buster's Farm  "Who is Your Neighbor"  Running Time 11:18

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                                       STORY 8: "WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR" 

Based upon the classic story of  “The Good Samaritan.” As Buster and Sir Peabody travel into town for supplies they encounter a small dog that has been mugged and left injured along the road. The argument of whether or not to stop and help ensues between Buster and Sir Peabody. Helping the injured dog will cost them money, making it impossible to purchase all of their needed supplies for the winter. True to his character, Buster stops to help the injured dog–much to the objections of Sir Peabody. This story teaches that we are all neighbors, and we should always help those in need. We are shown that one will always be rewarded for their good deeds -- sometimes in the most surprising ways.


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